• Dr. Kathy Hubley Carruthers

    Dr. Kathy Hubley Carruthers holds a B.Sc. with honours in Psychology from Acadia University (1994), a M.Sc. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary (1999), and a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from the University of Calgary (2002). As part of her doctoral training, she participated in the Family Therapy Training Program through the American Association for Marital and Family Therapy (AAMFT). She is a specialist in couples and family counselling. She is extensively trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). She also incorporates Mindfulness-Based, Emotion-Focused and Solution-Focused treatments in therapy.

    Dr. Hubley Carruthers sees adolescents, couples, and families with a wide variety of concerns including relationship problems, anxiety, mood management difficulties, learning and attention issues, and job/career concerns. She has a special interest in relational issues such as co-parenting, recovering from the crisis of infidelity, trust building, intimacy building, and forgiveness. She does work in rebuilding after separation/divorce.

    In addition to therapy, Dr. Hubley Carruthers offers psychology assessment/screening for a wide variety of presenting concerns (i.e., PTSD, anxiety, depression, screening for ADHD, etc.). She also conducts Independent Psychological (Medical) Evaluations (IMEs) for solicitors working with clients who have experienced trauma (i.e., MVAs, slip & falls, assault, etc.).Dr. Hubley Carruthers has extensive training and experience in stress management and workplace wellness. She completed her doctoral research in the areas of stress management, burnout, and work-family balance. She continues to offer job coaching and job transition support services.

    Dr. Hubley Carruthers has nearly 25 years of experience working in family service agencies, teaching hospitals and private practice settings in Calgary and Halifax. She supervises newly registered Psychologists through the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology and leads an exemplary team of Associate Psychologists and staff at Dr. Hubley Carruthers & Associates.

  • Dr. Joanne Gillespie

    Dr. Joanne Gillespie received her B.Sc. Honours (BioPsychology) from Mount Allison University (1997), a M.A. in Experimental Psychology from The University of Western Ontario (1999), and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The University of Western Ontario (2005). She completed a predoctoral residency in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology at the IWK Health Centre in 2004, and has been registered with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology since 2005.

    In addition to her work at Dr. Kathy Hubley Carruthers Counselling & Psychological Services, Dr. Gillespie is employed full-time at the IWK Health Centre in the Pediatric Health Psychology Service. She is also an Adjunct (Clinical Associate) in the Department of Psychology at Dalhousie University, where she is actively involved in teaching and clinical supervision of Ph.D. students.

    Dr. Gillespie specializes in health psychology, and has expertise working with preschoolers, school age children, adolescents, and families experiencing challenges with chronic illness, medical and dental anxiety, pain, medication taking (including treatment adherence and pill swallowing), stress management, toilet training, enuresis (bedwetting and daytime urine accidents), and encopresis (fecal soiling). Given her broader training in child clinical psychology, she is also able to provide treatment for a variety of additional challenges (e.g., anxiety, sleep, adjustment difficulties) in children and youth.

    Dr. Gillespie values the collaborative nature of the therapeutic relationship, and works with children, youth, and families to identify behaviours they would like to change. She provides evidence-based treatment that primarily involves behavioural, cognitive-behavioural, and motivational interviewing techniques.

  • Dr. Joanna Hessen Kayfitz

    Dr. Joanna Hessen Kayfitz received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Windsor in 2013. She completed her pre-doctoral residency with the Capital District Health Authority Mental Health and Addictions Program. In addition to general mental health training, she also completed sub-specialty training in Forensic Psychology through the East Coast Forensic Hospital.

    As an associate with Dr. Hubley Carruthers & Associates, Dr. Kayfitz sees older adolescents (over the age of 16 years) and adults experiencing a variety of psychological difficulties, including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, trauma, relational/interpersonal problems, and adjustment difficulties. Dr. Kayfitz uses a variety of therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, which she selects and integrates according to evidence-informed practice based on her patients’ unique presenting difficulties and readiness for change.

    Dr. Hessen Kayfitz also has subspecialty training in forensic psychology, and conducts psycho-diagnostic and recidivism risk assessment with youth and adults who are in conflict with the law. She has been retained by both the NS Public Prosecution Service and Defense counsel to provide expert opinion, and has been qualified as an expert witness in the areas of clinical and forensic psychology at the Provincial and Appellate Court levels. Finally, Dr. Hessen Kayfitz has experience conducting Independent Medical Examinations (IME) as well as Psychological Insurer Evaluations (IE) with individuals involved in motor
    vehicle accidents.

    In addition to her work at Dr. Hubley Carruthers & Associates, Dr. Kayfitz is employed with the IWK Youth Forensic Service, where she is the Clinical Team Lead for Forensic Assessment. She is also a contract psychologist with Correctional Service Canada, where she conducts psychological risk assessments with federally incarcerated male offenders.

  • Céline Robert, M.Sc.

    Céline Robert started her career in Switzerland after graduating with a Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Fribourg, and a Masters of Advanced Studies in Clinical Social Psychology from the University of Lausanne. She has worked in various environments (hospital unit specialized in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, social rehabilitation, etc.) until 2013. She then moved to Winnipeg where she worked at the University of Manitoba in the Student Counselling Centre. In 2017, she had the opportunity to settle in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia where she works as a Psychologist, registered with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology.

    Her philosophy is that everyone should be treated with respect and considered as unique. She cares that everyone coming to her office feels listened to and is treated with positive regard. She strongly values warmth and humor in therapy. Throughout her career, she gathered tools and knowledge that she is eager to share with her clients in order to help them in their journey of self-discovery. She has experience working with young adults and adults on issues such as depression, anxiety/worries, phobias, assertiveness, motivation, procrastination, emotion management, life transitions, and stressors associated with work, relationships or family. As an immigrant herself, she is very considerate and respectful of different cultural backgrounds.

    Her practice of therapy includes theoretical elements and tools from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Person-Centred Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Because everyone is different, she considers that mixing these approaches is more beneficial and provides more flexibility in therapy.

    Etant de langue maternelle française, j’offre des services de thérapie francophone pour les adultes et jeunes adultes (18 ans et plus). Je n’offre malheureusement pas de service de thérapie ou d’évaluation pour enfants. N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous souhaitez plus d’information.

  • Alicia Berze-Butts, M.A. (Candidate Register)

    Alicia Berze-Butts earned a B.A. in Psychology from St. Francis Xavier University (first-class honours), and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Windsor. She has received quality training and experience providing assessments and psychotherapy for adult clients (ages 17+ years) with a wide variety of mental health challenges, including issues with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, body image, work/school stress, grief, and interpersonal relationships (e.g., relationships with romantic partners, friends, and/or family members).

    Ms. Berze-Butts’ master’s research thoroughly explored topics such as body image, social comparisons, self-photo editing behaviours, and the effects of social media. Additionally, she has assisted with numerous research projects at the University of Calgary studying topics such as romantic relationships and intergroup relations (i.e., involving the relationships between different groups of people). This extensive research informs her therapy work with clients struggling with intimate partnerships and difficult interpersonal challenges.

    Ms. Berze-Butts utilizes evidence-based treatment methods to facilitate the well-being of clients, namely Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), which she tailors to the individual’s personal therapy needs, concerns, and goals. She highly values taking a collaborative, client-centred approach to therapy and maintains a warm and empathetic interpersonal style in order to provide a comfortable environment where clients can feel safe, supported, and understood.

  • Pavitra Desai, M.A. (Candidate Register)

    Pavitra Desai holds a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Mumbai and a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (equivalent to a clinical internship and degree) from St. Xaviers Institute, Mumbai. She is an experienced Psychologist (Candidate Register) with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry in various environments such as hospitals, schools, clinics, and training centres. She carried out assessments, provided individual and group therapy, handled support group meetings, and conducted various programs with parents, teachers, and medical professionals on various mental health topics in these settings.

    Ms. Desai is skilled in child, adolescent, young adult, family therapy and psychological assessment. Her clinical interests include depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, body image, relationship issues, transitions and adjustment concerns and trauma counselling. She is also adept in counselling clients with ADHD, autism-related challenges, disruptive behaviours, family relational problems, and those experiencing everyday stressors, as well as those in crisis situations, including violence, domestic abuse, sudden physical illness, and loss.

    Ms. Desai believes in following a collaborative approach to help identify and explore thoughts and emotions, gain insight into behaviour, resolve concerns, and develop adaptive thoughts and behaviour. She provides her clients with innovative treatments to navigate psychological struggles. She provides ongoing client support through analysis, evaluation, diagnosis, and implementation of treatment. She has a strong sense of ethics and professionality and works collaboratively with other service providers (i.e., Psychiatry, social work) to ensure clients are supported wholly.

    Ms. Desai follows a systemic, person-centred approach that is mindful of cultural, ethnic, and economic concerns. She believes that each individual must be treated with dignity and respect and places immense value on individuality and growth. As no two people are the same, treating every individual and their concerns and opinions as unique and vital is essential. With a warm and empathic approach, she aims to create a safe, non-judgmental space where clients feel heard and accepted and can begin to process, gain insight, gradually resolve concerns, and adopt more adaptive and healthy patterns.


  • Tami MacAskill, M.A. (Candidate Register)

    Ms. MacAskill earned a B.A. in Psychology (with highest distinction) from San Francisco State University and an M.A in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University in San Francisco, California. She is certified as a health and wellness coach and registered with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners as a Psychologist (Candidate Register). She is under clinical supervision as part of her re-location to Nova Scotia, although has practiced as a clinician in the United States for years.

    Ms. MacAskill completed a pre-doctoral internship in neuropsychology and has extensive training and experience in individual assessment, psychotherapy, and evidence-based treatment interventions. Her background also includes considerable experience in conducting groups in hospital and clinical settings.

    Ms. MacAskill utilizes an Integrative and Positive Psychology approach that focuses on a client’s personality strengths, mental health stability markers, and overall health and wellbeing. She has a collaborative, interactive and empathetic communication style with clients. Ms. MacAskill is well versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy.

    Ms. MacAskill’s research and clinical experience includes working with Veterans and adults with a variety of challenges including chronic pain, grief and loss, ADHD, trauma, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, and stress. Specific experience and interests include working with individuals and groups experiencing chronic and prolonged grief, delayed grief, and disenfranchised grief.


  • Susan Hardiman

    Office Manager

    Mrs. Susan Hardiman joined the team at Dr. Hubley Carruthers & Associates in the summer of 2023. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Health Administration from the University of Athabasca under the Veterans Affairs Continuing Education Program, and will graduate in the Spring of 2024. Susan served 15 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and brings many years of health administration experience with her.

    Susan is also a fitness enthusiast and is an active volunteer with the Nova Scotia Fitness Association (NSFA).  As the Director of Personal Training, Susan has assisted with course development, and policy implementation. Susan was also instrumental in adding mental health first aid for NSFA fitness instructors.

    Susan’s positive attitude and hardworking nature will help her provide exceptional  administrative support to the clients of Dr. Hubley Carruthers & Associates.